OneKaraoke for Windows

Untitled DocumentFeatures Description Comprehensive File Type...

Untitled DocumentFeatures Description Comprehensive File Type SupportMost popular file types are supported, including mpg, wmv, avi, dat, mov, mid, kar, mp3, wma, etc.

Flexible Content Management You decide how your songs are organized and no complicated admin tool to deal with. Only basic Windows file management knowledge is sufficient for OneKaraoke administration.

Media Transport Control Fast Forward, Rewind, Replay, Pause, Skip Song, Delete Song in Queue, Move Song to Queue Top, etc. Ease of Operation Operated by keyboard, numeric-keypad, or optional handheld infra-red remote control for mouseles operationFull screen or Framed Video areaIntuitive user interface that supports framed video or full screen playback tailored for single-screen setup Automatic Content UpdateAutomatically load song files from hard disk foldersDual Monitor SupportSeparate GUIs that support single and dual PC screensSkinnable User InterfaceAbility to personalize most user interface graphics with own designsWorldwide Song File Language.

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